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Our Ministries

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Children We take children’s ministry very seriously! Every week we have Sunday School classes for children of all ages. Our teachers strive to create a fun learning environment that will encourage children to learn and grow in their relationship with the Lord!

Children All of our ministries are family focused. Since the family was God’s first institution, we believe that it’s very important for family to worship together. Aside from our regular scheduled services we consistently have all-church gatherings such as picnics, sporting events, beach trips, and more. It is our belief that family fellowship with like-minded believers, is a powerful way to minister to God’s people.

Children Our Ladies ministry meets quarterly for times of worship, teaching, and devotion. They also have several activities throughout the year getting together for fellowship and strengthening the bonds of sisterhood in Christ!

Children Our married couples are so important to us. The Bible reminds us how important a strong home is. This ministry meets quarterly for times of renewal and learning how to grow in our marriages. We also have a yearly couples retreat which allows couples to enjoy time “away” together, while being challenged and encouraged in their marriages.

Children Our world needs good, Godly men who are willing to be spiritual leaders in their homes. The home is under attack by today’s world, and men must rise up and lead by Biblical example and not waver or compromise in this God-ordained roll. Iron sharpenth iron. Come and be spiritually sharpened by your Brothers in Christ. These monthly meetings are times where our men are challenged in this area, as well as encouraged by worship and fellowship.

The assurance of every truth of scripture is just the beauty of it. First because He has promised to do it; and God's promises are bonds that never yet were dishonored. Secondly, because Christ Jesus hath taken an oath that He will do it.“ ~C.H. Spurgeon